Watching the Mobile Race for 3rd…

Watching the race for 3rd place in the MobileSpace is starting to get more interesting…While the initial splash from (BB’s) BlackBerry’s Z10 begins to settle, we see steady signs of new life in the WindowsPhone (WP) space, led by the magnificent Lumia 920 from Nokia.

If (big if!) the landscape for mobile security remains relatively undisturbed, we should begin to see more stories about the enterprise applications and the end-user experience (UX) rising to the forefront.  Hopefully these will include inspirational ideas about how productivity (primarily via SkyDrive-enabled Office apps) and media production capabilities can drive new ideas and innovative usage patterns via our mobile devices.

Maybe someday Samsung and Apple will be trying to catch up with WP and/or BB users when it comes to getting stuff done, and showing the world how they’re doing it!



Nokia today announced that Mall of America, the United States’ largest retail and entertainment complex, is switching from BlackBerry to the Nokia Lumia 920 because of the tight integration with Microsoft services and built-in Microsoft Office suite, offering Mall of America management team members greater productivity and flexibility in a very dynamic workplace.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is built on the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 platform, which allows out-of-the-box access to Microsoft apps and services, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SkyDrive, all brought to life on the smartphone’s large PureMotion HD+ super sensitive touch screen. These apps integrate with the mall’s existing Microsoft services, enabling Mall of America management team members to review and edit Outlook emails and Microsoft Office documents on their smartphones, wherever they happen to be.

“Switching to the Nokia Lumia 920 has increased productivity for key team members. The combination of a great smartphone…

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