This article  from Unified Communications Strategies refers to a TED talk  that argues for a less interrupted workday that advantages remote work, or tele-commuting. The added value is in also considering the need for collaborative moments, and the tools required to make this possible even remotely. Where we once used water-coolers, coffee and cigarettes to get into scrums, and micro-meetings, we now need network tools to afford us the same level of  interaction. Without getting bogged down in the long and sometimes painful meetings that can kill the positive work-flow of a productive day.

What’s interesting about this talk is his target is really managers and meetings, not the office. I wholeheartedly agree that managers and meetings are often toxic to productivity, but I don’t particularly associate those with the office (anymore). VoIP, UC, and collaboration have come so far that I have just as many meetings and interruptions at my home office. He also says that a problem can often be better solved with just 2-3 people instead of a bigger meeting. While that may be true, it should be noted that that’s still a meeting. I think Jason is really upset about bad managers and bad meetings, but he doesn’t state that. Instead it’s all about how the office isn’t productive.

Fried on Why Work Doesn’t Happen at the Office – Unified Communications Strategies

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at the Office


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