RSS is Dead…Long Live RSS!

What are we talking about when we talk about RSS?
RSS was once a bright and promising young star of internet protocols, which still serves a dwindling yet devoted audience even now over 15 years later. Yet as the geek-index of the average internet user has slowly dropped to the levels of the general consumer, so has the interest in managing one’s own syndicated content feed. Or has it?

What if it’s just the the RSS protocol itself that’s fallen out of fashion, not the supporting idea of aggregating content into your own info-tainment concierge (so to speak).

We’ve previously talked about how the average consumer is going to soon become increasingly confused by the iconography behind tap-able NFC tags and devices, and how the tap-to pass payment systems (ie GoogleWallet, ) are blurring the lines with other NFC-based services (like Samsung Wave, etc). In the end creating enough confusing that the NFC services might falter in NorthAmerca if people start to beleive that they will be charged for something every time they tap a wavey icon.

Luckily the payment systems have started to standardize around the 4-wave symbols, leaving the 3-waves (and a dot!) iconographers to map out a future between NFC, WiFi, and any lingering users fo RSS.

What’s also fortunate is that WiFi hotspots have become more recognizable for their standard signage, in bland/boring blue and using the 3-waves and a dot icon. This leaves only RSS and the myriad of other NFC services to sort themselves out with what’s arguably the best most effective icon out there.

There are many signs that NFC and payments standards are also competing for the much more visible yellow and orange-ish colours that will help them stand out on signage. Which makes it all the more important for NFC to seize the dot, and standardize around the smaller 2-wave icon.

So rather than clamour in confusion, and risk being lost in a washed out ambiguous lookign variety of icons, NFC services should pick up where RSS left off, adn simply offer a wireless-way to tap yoru way into a new form of subscription and even syndicated content. abandon What we talk about when we talk about RSS What we talk about when we talk about RSS.


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