Where’s Our ‘Data’ Coming From Anyways?

You know…The ‘Data’ that we’ve been generating here, there and everywhere.
Mostly from our mobile devices. Which generate a lot more data than we might realize

It’s the stuff that we might presume is ‘private’ or ‘personal’ data, but actually isn’t.
It’s being stored and cross-indexed, and aggregated, all within the bounds of the terms of service that we all agree to…


Which we still like to imagine as personal devices…
Even though they are getting increasingly used as sophisticated Client-App devices.
ie. Apps that don’t really do much – if they’re not able to see a network.

We live in a wonderful age of the most powerful and visually rich personal devices ever….
Something not to be underestimated.

Even without GPS there’s still so much positional info available with every call that get’s made
More to come…



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