CASL – Are Canadian Feds Creating Lasting Legacies? Or Just More Legislation?

keep-calm-dont-spamThis year’s Canada Day may have seemed like any other, but it also marked a significant shift in how Canadians communicate and do business online.  All law-abiding Canadians will change the way they use email thanks to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).  Aside from creating a sudden flurry of confirmation messages sent to us from the most compliant businesses and organizations, one might ask how this new regulation has really changed anything, when it comes to reducing spam. Because everyone knows that it’s not the people who follow the rules who were the problem in the first place. In fact, CASL puts some pretty onerous requirements on legitimate businesses, without even scratching the underlying sources of spam.

What CASL does do though, is force people to establish legitimate relationships in order to send out commercial messages via email. So perhaps we could turn this regulation inside out as the recipeints of all this commercial electronic messaging (CEM), and see this as an opportunity to become more engaged as Consumers. Perhaps even spurring on some new innovations as a result of any market demands we can generate.

So the key question is, just how can Consumers drive innovation in the market anyhow?

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