Wayfinding & Spacemaking

The public and informational landscapes that surround us outside our personal spaces are where we intersect with the world at large.

Through Public Placemaking we interact with back our collective culture and hopefully better define how Advertisers adn Communicators can reach out to us for best results.

Modern Digital Signage has grown from a combination of what was once cumbersome, computer-driven kiosks, or larger printed signage. This new medium is sometimes called Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, digital signage and even . Digital Signage is a great placemaking are combining into environments that offer a holistic way to bring people and organizations together. By considering the functional and aesthetic qualities of public spaces that can be better integrated with our personal spaces and experiences, embedded messaging and accessible communications channels can become a more seamless and useful part of our lives. Hopefully leaving behind the advertising age of overwhelming visual blight and mental noise that have been splattered across noise our mental and physical landscapes for so long.




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